Halloween top 3 fan films

Jar (2015) by Twisted Mojo  Singing Sarlacc Pit by David Unger Shan Wars by Robert A. Smat Advertisements

Run Heroic Run!

Hi fellow guild members! Commander K writing. You want a flagship! Don’t tell me otherwise, everybody wants a flagship and you know it. Therefore, you need to donate to the guild. But you think you don’t have enough credits, you have to spare these for your gears or your personal stronghold. True.   Do you…

Kaon under siege aka night of horror

Eamond, Zenál and Commander K went to Kaon in order to investigate about the rakghoul outbreak. Gruesome situation there. Corpses everywhere, infected people wandering in the streets and hordes of zombies lurking for flesh. But the worse is without a doubt the mutated rakghouls crawling in the dark. Avoid this planet at all costs.

Our best legionaries and elite

Cheers to our best legionaries, best of the best. Akhaddy, the liberator, Jedi sentinel. Always there to fight injustice with first class fighting skills and gentleman behavior. Namira is a sophisticated Jedi shadow. She’s a diplomat but it is said that she’s a spy too. Who knows? Shen Dao, the noble lady is a Jedi…

Under the bridge

If you always wanted to know what was under the stronghold bridge, let me show you. Unfortunately, I was unable to move further. [OOC: If you want to try, wait until the warzone popup appears, jump over the bridge and travel to the warzone. Then, wait until you leave the warzone and there you go!]

OOC: Jedi force speed

When it’s fall and it’s getting cold outside, you gladly stay at home in the week-end, next to the radiator, under a warm blanket, with a cup of hot chocolate on the table. And there’s nothing wrong with that. You play your favorite game, SWTOR of course, and  it’s good. But then, you remember that…

OOC: Enjin website is open

Master Kakarót did a really great job by creating this website. That way, we’ll stay in contact and we’ll discuss in the forum. So the current website will be the main and the Enjin website will be our social website. http://justicepraesidium.enjin.com/ Register now! Those who register will get wonderful items.

The guild council

Dear fellows, here’s the announcement! We have a full council. The seven seats have been assigned. The Commander is still at the top but the Centurions have more duties and power now. They’re taking two Sagittarii each under their command. They will train them until they reach their full potential where they will prepare strategies…

Kirsar, the blade tornado

Kirsar is an orphan, he never knew his true parents. Left on Hoth, he was adopted by Mirialan parents. He grew up seeing them as his real family although they were from a completely different species. He would have done little chores here and there in his village until one day, a kid named Marriak…

Light and dark Falcon

Clint Ralph, a photographer, made an awesome picture of a falcon in South Africa. It led people to make their own version of the picture. Here’s mine inspired by our favorite game. Some of the material came from Ketzer.com (Imperial battleships) and some others from wikia and modder Warb Null (Republic spaceships). Enjoy!

OOC: Jedi workout

This is my first article about OOC. We’ll stay in the Star Wars the Old Republic theme of course. I want you folks to be healthy and overwhelmed with happiness. Therefore, you need to train your body, which creates serotonin, the hormone of wellness. Moreover, you’ll stay in shape. So between two warzones or while…