Nightlife event comic strip- English version: Bad luck!

So folks, here’s the English version.

The nightlife event was a thrill and it inspired me a lot. That’s why I made this short comic strip. Did you get awesome prizes like the Rancor or other fancy mounts or were you more tempted by the casino decorations?

All of this was a question of luck! I wish you a lot of this and I really hope that you’ll like this little story. Enjoy!

I’ll take the occasion to call upon my former guild members. You can still post on the forum Zenal created for us. We’re currently using it for the “Ordre de Libra”, the French-speaking guild.

If you want me to reopen the guild, I’m looking forward to it.

Actually we have three guilds:

  • Justice Praesidium, which is meant to be the elite guild. The main language is English. Coruscant stronghold and Flagship available. Inactive.
  • Order of Libra, which is more casual, no need to be level 70 or subbed. The main language is English. Coruscant stronghold available. Inactive.
  • Ordre de Libra, the French-speaking version. Coruscant stronghold and flagship available. Active.

Like I mentioned earlier, I wish that those guilds will also be some kind of cultural bridges between French-speaking people and English-speaking people.

So feel free to join us, you know you’re always welcome and may the Force be with you.



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