The golden twins / les Jumeaux d’Or: Youtube

  Les guerriers légendaires de Justice Praesidium, Zelkai et Zevage, ont rejoint l’Ordre de Libra, le côté français de la Force. The legendary warriors of Justice Praesidium, Zelkai and Zevage, joined the Order of Libra, the French side of the Force. Advertisements

Our websites

This is the main website, made by Koshiran, your beloved guildmaster. Illustrations, banters and gossips. It’s the place to visit to read about our achievements and lore. All the illustrations are original portrayals of the members of Justice Praesidium. Our secondary website has been made by Centurion Kakarót, the wise beard. Teamspeak and chat sessions…

OOC: Enjin website is open

Master Kakarót did a really great job by creating this website. That way, we’ll stay in contact and we’ll discuss in the forum. So the current website will be the main and the Enjin website will be our social website. Register now! Those who register will get wonderful items.

Don’t you know about the beard? (Video) Surfin beard

Dear fellow guild members, Commander K writing. The new trend for September is the beard. Master Kakarót has it, Zelkai had it, Eamond has it… Should I have it or shave it? Because everybody knows that the beard is the world. Pop your comment below!

Ops! We did it again. (Video)

My dear legions of Justice, Justice Praesidium did a great hit on Coruscant this time. Despite the absence of our officers, we held the line! I’m very proud of you all! Zurius, Master Kirsar, Hugo,  Sanaha (our lovely bartender), Gwenyth, Zorillio, Haeskobo and I busted the huge mad droid. Hopefully, we weren’t alone. We had…

Ops group – SD-0 (Video)

After the training with Master Kakarót, Zelkai the scholar fighter, Zevage the shadow dancer and I were ready to gather an ops group to fight SD-0, the mad giant droid from Coruscant. Thanks to the newcomers and Coruscant fighters, SD-0 didn’t stand a chance. Congratulations to you all!   Centurion Sylphatima